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Jinwoo System Co., Ltd. is a young venture capital firm specializing in the design and manufacture of electrical wiring ducts, a growing industry leader with revolutionary new technologies in open wiring.

One of our foremost goals is to help improve office/work environment as well as maximize the value of residential/living environment, offering the technical prowess and top notch service we have. Think how rapidly our environments change, with 100 years being estimated for the service life of a building, 10 years for that of an office, and less than a year for the culture of communications! Given such speedy changes, Jinwoo System tries to secure structures that will be adaptable, lead the era,
and offer convenient, user-centered office environment in communications.

Creating a new cultural space, building a better residential/living environment - these are our visions we promise ourselves and our customers. At Jinwoo System, where passion and enthusiasm of young venture capitalists are palpable, we commit ourselves to continuous technical development and innovation. We love our customers and appreciate their interest and support which serve as valuable feedback, driving us further into the future!

Thank you.

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