Introduction/Re-Introduction of the Standard Estimate 2008 (enforced on 1 Jan 2008)

5-25-1. Installation of Connecting Ducts for Lighting Systems with Combined Wiring and Circuits (per unit; for internal wiring)

Unit/Standard Lighting Device 2m or under 3m or under 4m or under
40W or under x 1 0.111 0.122 0.133
40W or under x 2 0.138 0.152 0.166


  1. Assembly and installation guidelines for connecting ducts of fluorescent lighting system (combined-type) (including tying, fluorescent lighting installation for supporting clamps, small-scale transport, and cleaning).
  2. Installation fees for anchor bolts and inserts are additional.
  3. Apply 90 percent to relatively easier work, e.g., repetitive progress during apartment housing and classroom construction/installation.
  4. Apply 30 percent for elimination and 50 percent for re-use and elimination.
  5. Apply 80 percent of the estimates concerned to units where no lighting systems are installed.
  6. The estimates in question are based on exposed lower-section type; with a rubber or acrylic cover attached, use 110 percent of the estimates concerned.
  7. In the case where an additional support for the lighting system is installed, calculate an additional 20 percent of the estimates in question.
  8. Apply 50 percent to elbows, 2m or under, including T, cross, horizontal, vertical, and power-connection sections).

Cost Comparison Table for Installation Methods (savings)

(Cost breakdown presented below is based on information comparing expenses between installation methods employing the Lite-Way, the 34th new electrical power technology product, or the Raceway, the conventional model.)

Total length of the linear distribution section: 145m Total no. of lighting system sets: 55 (using FLR 32W 1)

Item Materials Installation Specifications Installation Locations Material Costs (sum) Labor Expenses & Workload Installation
Labor Expenses (sum) Total Workload (MD)
1 Lite-Way (fluorescent lighting system with combined wiring and circuits), finished with white powder painting uses 32W/1; embedded-type underground parking lots 7,001,599 1,384,229 16 8,385,828 82%
2 Raceway (conventional mode), finished with zinc coating uses 32W/1; embedded-type underground parking lots 3,031,209 7,193,850 81 10,225,059 100%

Estimation Standard and Information to Consider

  1. See the attached cost breakdown for details.
  2. For material costs, apply the standard in December issue, 2007.
  3. For internal wiring costs, apply 85,734 won, i.e., the market price of the second half of September 2007 as announced by the Construction Association of Korea.
  4. For estimates, apply 100-percent standard estimates of the workload presented in the construction costs breakdown.
  5. For estimates of the Lite-Way (fluorescent lighting system with combined wiring and circuits), apply Item 5.25.1 of the Standard Estimate 2008 (a new power technology product by Jinwoo System); for those of Raceway, apply Item 5-9.
  6. For ballasts, use an electronic ballast (32W 1 or equivalent) with KS mark, safety certification and high energy efficiency sticker indicated, respectively.
  7. For the reflective shade, apply the costs of domestically-manufactured film-type shades (high illumination with a 95 percent reflection rate).
  8. The average illumination of underground parking lots amounts to about 140 Lx.

Construction Company Mok-dong Hyperion (Hyundai E&C), Incheon Guwol-dong Apartments (Hyundai E&C), Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance’s Gwangju Headquarters (Hyundai E&C), Asan Baebang Xi Apartments I (GS E&C), Baebang Xi Apartments II (GS E&C), Osan Xi Apartments (GS E&C), Ulsan Singjeong-dong Apartments (World Construction Co., Ltd.), Jinhae Jaeun-dong Meridian Apartments (World Construction), Sungwon Hyupsung Apartments (World Construction), Gunpo Daeyami Daelim Apartments (Daelim Industrial Co., Ltd.), Suwon Sinmaetan Doosan We’ve Apartments (Doosan E&C), Suwon Sinmaetan Hanulche Apartments (Kolon E&C), Mia District II Apartments (SH Corporation), Yeouido Korea Stock Exchange (Dongbu Corporation), Hyundai Motors Jincheon Factory (AMCO), Daejeon Daedeok Techno Valley (Woolim Co., Ltd.), Sihwa Steel Land (Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction), Yeongdo Shipyard (Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction), Dogok I’Park Apartments (Hyundai Development Company), Jamsil Apartment Complex I for Reconstruction (Hyundai E&C), Jamsil Apartment Complex I for Reconstruction (Hyundai Development Company), Namyeong-dong Office Bldg./company headquarters (Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction), Jamsil Apartment Complex I for Reconstruction (Daelim Industrial), Jamsil Apartment Complex I for Reconstruction (Samsung C&T Corporation), garden5 Block A (Ga) (GS E&C), garden5 Block A (Ga) (Hanwha E7C)
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