U.T.Pole Product’s features

1. Article 187 (Metal Duct Work), the Evaluation Standards of the Technical Guidelines for Electrical Facilities

  • Includes appropriate structures and ancillary units complying with dimensions and specifications of wiring systems.
  • Uses tubing materials allowing for easy extension or relocation
  • Offers exposure box enabling separate wiring of strong and weak currents and arbitrary extension of various wiring devices.
  • Has multi box feature built into its system.
  • Serves as a distribution cabinet, capable of function as an individual cabinet by allowing installation of terminal blocks, breaks and/or measuring systems.

2. Installation of U.T. Pole (Multi-Wire-Duct) with Great Economic Value

  • Location: Allows installation length measurement, speedy cutting (into easily manageable lengths), and member connection.
  • Member: Features standardized dimensions and allows cutting on-site and processing-free connection.
  • Time: Installation completed within a short period of time, reducing manpower loss and delivering even with limited labor.

3. U.T. Pole - Convenient Installation

  • Assembly: Does not affect construction process and allows installation upon delivery into the site, via pre-parts assembly.
  • Cost reduction: Allows savings on storage space (warehouse, etc.) and expenses for small-portion transport.
  • Installation: Performed during finishing stage, with ambient environment in order and the work free from other progresses.

4. U.T. Pole (Multi-Wire-Duct) and Ancillary Materials for New Installation Techniques

  • New Installation Technique 1: Uses the same members as indicated in drawings; allows easy, speedy relocation and extension of wiring devices; capable of protecting circuits by installing terminal blocks or breaks.
  • New Installation Technique 2: Using members designed exclusively for the pole allows for arbitrary circuit-branching infeasible with the conventional techniques.

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