Needs for the Application of Power Poles for the Construction of Commercial Buildings

01. Difficulties in the implementation of electrical and communications installation work

  • Difficulties are foreseen for the final finish work of electrical installation at the completion stage.
  • Electrical and communications lines to be supplied may be determined by the area of unit sales prior to such sales or prior to or following the Completion.
  • Interior finish work may be delayed due to problems involving the area of unit sales of shopping malls/districts.

02. Difficulties in the implementation of finish work for electrical and communications installations

  • Ductwork for shopping mall/district floors may pose difficulties in cable insulation. - Ceiling finish and electrical and communication work cannot be completed simultaneously. - Zoning may be difficult in the case where there are no partitions in the stores to be installed. - Wiring and tubing may be difficult with light-weight partitions to be installed for the stores.
  • Zoning variability is considerable with light-weight partitions to be installed for the stores. - Installation of distribution cabinets may be difficult for the stores. - A delay in the completion of electrical and communications work will require crews to remain and work fulltime on-site.

03. Technical suggestions to help improve installation work

  • Provide wiring and tubing up to the spherical site of the ceiling in each store to be installed; allow cables sufficient margins.
  • Unsheathed ducting agents shall be used, regardless of the presence of partitions in each store to be installed. - By branching out electrical and communications lines, ensure that there shall be no induced failure.

Economic Benefits of Applying the Power Pole to the Construction of Commercial Buildings

04. Site-friendly applicability for finish work and possible delays

  • Allows timely implementation of electrical and communications installation work.
  • Suitable to sites where internal finish is likely to be delayed due to problems related to the unit-sales area of shopping malls/districts.
  • The Power Pole’s internal diaphragms help prevent induced failure of electrical and communication lines.
  • Esthetically simple and beautiful with the combination of voltage meter, break, switch and distribution device in one.
  • Powder painting provides the surface a finish with excellent corrosion protection and durability.
  • With ground bonding of the entire auxiliary electrical members, equi-potential is created ensuring safety.
  • Merchants of the stores to be installed are entitled to circuit selection after moving into the stores.
  • Disputes among merchants which would normally ensue from the installation of lighting systems may be eliminated altogether.
  • Zoning alone enables installation work, regardless of light-weight partition work to be carried out between stores.

05. Economic benefits of employing the Power-Pole

  • Economically more profitable than floor ductwork or unsheathed tubing work.
  • Offers greater savings with integrated wiring of electrical and communication lines in the same space.
  • The aluminum material allows 70 percent of the estimation allocated for iron as specified in the Estimation Standard.
  • Reduces lost time thanks to less on-site assembly work required.
  • Smaller workload leads to smaller work space.
  • Crews are exposed to fewer risks of accidents due to reduced time needed for on-site work.
  • Saves management expenses with reduced amount of industrial wastes.
  • Simplified work eliminates the need to hire experienced crews.

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